Espresso is a lifeblood at SlackTide Coffee Roasters and plays a large part in our coffee program. From a traditional cappuccino to the bulk of the seasonal special drink menu, let’s discuss our newly branded BuzzBait Espresso blend and what you may expect from this exciting coffee.

You may notice that the beans in your daily SlackTide order differ from time to time. An enormous number of factors affect the coffee we drink. These factors include the varietal of coffee plant, elevation, processing method, roast profile, and even brewing method. As roasters, we control factors further down the supply chain and are able to exhibit certain flavor notes by blending different single origin beans together. 

Our BuzzBait Espresso is a blend of coffee beans from Lake Atitlán, Guatemala and Minas Gerais, Brazil. Grown on the cliffs of an active volcanoe on Lake Atitlán, the high elevation allows the Guatemalan coffee berries to ripen more slowly, enhancing depth and complexity of flavor. The strong chocolate and nutty notes are a product of Brazil’s natural processing, or dried-in-cherry method, allowing the coffee to maintain some acidity. We blend the beans prior to roasting and roast to a medium-plus profile, just before the second crack. By pushing BuzzBait beyond a light or traditional medium roast, we are boosting its body for a richer and more audacious cup.

SlackTide Coffee Roasters is stoked to announce the newly branded BuzzBait Espresso blend. This coffee is stronger in body and versatile across many brewing methods, boasting notes of milk chocolate, cashews, and cherry acidity. We enjoy it as espresso but you can brew BuzzBait anyway you’d like – hope you enjoy!

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