Homemade. Hand-cut. Made with Love.

We started making donuts out of a commercially-approved, home kitchen in Marshfield. Zac and Max’s mom, Pamela Price, made all of the donuts on the same kitchen stovetop in the house in which we grew up.

After starting small–20-24 donuts– just on the weekend, the demand began to grow. During the early weeks of the pandemic, our donuts became more and more popular. Entirely made from scratch, our donuts are genuinely homemade; our brioche donuts come in all shapes and sizes and in a wide range of flavors.

As the community demand for our donuts grew, so did our production, we moved from a small kitchen, to a somewhat larger, commercial kitchen in the barn. From there, we added a few part-time donut bakers and more and more people are now able to enjoy our donuts.

Just recently, we built out our own donut-focused SlackTide commissary kitchen in Marshfield which has helped to increase production even more.

As 2022 opens, Pam is still our own Donut Queen, now with a slightly larger team and more and more donut love flowing to our shops.

We currently offer donuts Tuesday – Sunday at both our Hanover and Marshfield locations. The donuts usually arrive in stores around 8:30 AM. We also are able to take custom donut orders for events and special occasions.

Soon, we hope to add a pre-order system as well. For now, if you have any questions or are interested in a special order of any type, or just have a question about our donuts , please feel free to reach out below!