Granola | Orange | Brown Sugar

Medium Roast

New coffee alert from our friends at La Voz Cooperative in Atitlan, Guatemala! We had the pleasure of touring the Coop last month and meeting the wonderful individuals who continue moving this coffee community forward!

Atitlan may be known for its active volcanoes and stunning lake, but even more evident is the community-driven approach to life in the Guatemalan highlands. The Coop began in the 1970’s and since has grown and expanded, emphasizing high quality via USDA Certified Organic coffee and reinvesting in the community. In recent years, La Voz has created a full scale health clinic for its 161 members, 61 of whom are women!

The La Voz is a well-bodied coffee with notes of granola, orange citrus, and brown sugar. It is also 100% certified organic and has been since 1993! Enjoy how in the morning or over ice to cool off in the hot summer heat.